2019 June Picnic
When: June 22, 2019----- Where: Dennis Noskers home at Glencoe, NM. Directions: From Roswell, take Highway 380 west towards Ruidoso. About 1/4 to ½ mile past mile marker 277 there will be a turn off to the right. Take this turn and go up the hill and you will see Dennis’s home. Time: Board Meeting at 10:00 am. Fun and games, 22 shoot, high power rifle shoot and big boar shoot will start at around 11:00. The meal will be after the games. Meal: The chapter will provide rib eye steaks cooked by Pancho and Joel, baked potatoes, and drinks. We would ask the attendees to bring a side or desert. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP AND LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING and how many. We need to know how many steaks to get. Please respond to Kim Talbott at ktalbott@plateautel.net or by phone at 575-637-1714.
Please remember to return your ballots for the board election by June 21, 2020. We will be counting the ballots at the board meeting on the 22ed and will announce the new board at that time.
2018 Wounded Warrior Hunt
This is Melvin a two time Purple Heart recipient in the Vietnam War that our chapter helped with his Aoudad Hunt. We want to thank Jack Mathews for this great donation.
Welcome To SNM Safari Club
Welcome To SCI SNM Safari Club! President Kim Talbott.
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Buffalo Hunt With Irving
Our Vice President Charlie Thompson found out that there was a need to help a young (14) year old brain cancer boy who wanted to hunt......view story and photos.
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2019 Banquet
Photos of our 2019 Fundraiser and Banquet
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  • 2019 June Picnic
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President’s Message

October 2019


“Change” is always a buzzword in election rhetoric. The only thing that never changes is that change is coming. I hope every member is registered to vote and is keeping track of “who’s for what” in the upcoming election. In that regard, please keep in touch with your International organization and the work they are doing to protect our right to hunt.

Speaking of change, your Board of Directors has initiated some changes. The biggest change will be to our upcoming Fundraising Banquet. The new Roswell Convention Center is significantly bigger than it used to be and will seat more people. For this reason and due to the fact that for the last couple of years there have been lots of folks trying to get tickets at the last minute, we’ve decided to sell 500 tickets. All the door prizes, raffles, and booth spaces will also be increased to accommodate the extra folks. I hope you have our dates (Feb 14 & 14, 2020) on your calendar and are planning to attend. It is the biggest party of the year.

Another change affects our hunting here in NM. The NM Game Commission is scheduled to hear proposals affecting the draw hunts and Bear and Cougar Rule. As I understand the proposals, the changes to the drawing rules are minor and mostly involve the active duty military and veteran hunts. The Bear and Cougar Rule proposal is more extensive.

The proposed new rule includes: 1) changing the start date for the bear general weapon type season to September 25 in Bear Management Zones 10, 12, and 13, and extending the closing date to December 15 in Zones 10 and 12, and November 30 in Zone 13; 2) grouping the Barker and Colin Neblett Wildlife Management Area (Hunt Code BER-1-104) and Valle Vidal (Hunt Code BER-1-105) draw licenses as a single license and including the Urraca Wildlife Management Area in the areas open to hunting with that license; 3) no longer allowing traps and foot snares as a method of sport harvest for cougar; 4) adjusting cougar harvest limits to align with recent data and management objectives; 5) moving Game Management Unit 25 from Cougar Management Zone J to Cougar Management Zone L; and 6) no longer allowing an additional two tags for cougar license holders who have successfully filled their original two tags. A full text of changes will be available on the Department’s website at: www.wildlife.state.nm.us.

Our next general membership meeting is scheduled for 7 pm on 24 October at the Roswell Country Club. Mike Patterson is scheduled to give our program on his recent hunt to South Africa. He bought this hunt at our Banquet last year and by all accounts had a wonderful hunt. I am looking forward to seeing his pictures and hearing about his experience.

Deer and Elk seasons are in full swing. I’ve seen a couple of pictures of some nice animals taken so far. The most recent picture is of Hayden Casson’s Barbary Sheep taken west of Roswell. Congratulations Hayden on taking a really nice sheep on public land.


RA “Pancho” Maples

President, SNM Chapter, SCI

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