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Welcome To SCI SNM Safari Club! President Kim Talbott.
Buffalo Hunt With Irving
Our Vice President Charlie Thompson found out that there was a need to help a young (14) year old brain cancer boy who wanted to hunt......view story and photos.
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2017 Wounded Warrior Hunt
Our way of saying thanks to all of our Veterans!!!!
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Christmas Party
WHEN: December 9, 2017
Where: High Q Venue 208 N. Virginia, Roswell, NM 88201
TIME: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
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Photos of our 2018 Fundraiser and Banquet
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  • Christmas Party
  • 2018 Banquet

Our 2018 Banquet and Fundraiser was a huge success. THANKS EVERYONE !!!

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Fellow SNMSCI Members,


Well, Spring in New Mexico is here!!!!!! The winds are howling at 40-60 MPH today. But on a happy note Spring Turkey season opens on April 15. I hope all that hunt turkeys are successful.

It has been funny the last couple of days watching all of the FAKE posts on the NM Big Game Draw. Folks in our state really take this seriously. The proclamation says the results will be ready on April 25. I know that they usually come out a little early, but have never seen it two weeks early. I know we are all setting on pins and needles waiting for the results and are all praying to see nothing but GREEN on our order form.

On the road closure issue, the Freeholders did their sight inspections and made a recommendation that the three roads that were in the Flying H area on Felix Canyon road remain open. This was a unanimous vote of the three members. It is the practice of the county commissions that if the vote of the Freeholders is unanimous that this recommendation is accepted. Therefore it appears that this issue is over. However we have heard that one of the landowners has hired an attorney and plans to appeal. We will keep you informed if anything else comes up. Also one of the land owners. The Henderson’s, have requested to meet with some of the board to discuss their concerns. Myself, Ed Garrett and Charlie Thompson will be meeting with the Henderson in the near future, and will report back to you on what took place.

 A final report on the annual fund raiser. 2018 set NEW RECORDS and was the best fund raiser ever, in SNMSCI history. Again thanks to the board for all their hard work and alos a hugue thank you to all who came to the banquet and supported us with your bidding and buying!!!!

In another land related issue we have been informed that there is a proposal by the BLM to start studies of quite a bit of land in Chaves, Eddy and Otero counties on land designated as “lands having Wilderness Characteristics”. Pancho has worked on getting Mr. Tye Allen Assistant Field Manager from the Carlsbad BLM office to come to our April Chapter meeting to give us a program as to how this proposal will affect us as hunters in the future. I FEEL THAT IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTAQNT THAT WE HAVE A GOOD TURN OUT AT THIS MEETING. We has hunters and conservationist must be the ones on the front lines to protect our and future generations right to continue to use our public lands.

The next board meeting and chapter meeting will be Thursday April 26 at the Roswell Country Club. Board Meeting at 5:30 and Chapter meeting and BLM program at 7:00. I hope to see you all there and we can discuss how we did in the draw.


Good luck and good hunting,



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