2019 June Picnic
When: June 22, 2019----- Where: Dennis Noskers home at Glencoe, NM. Directions: From Roswell, take Highway 380 west towards Ruidoso. About 1/4 to ½ mile past mile marker 277 there will be a turn off to the right. Take this turn and go up the hill and you will see Dennis’s home. Time: Board Meeting at 10:00 am. Fun and games, 22 shoot, high power rifle shoot and big boar shoot will start at around 11:00. The meal will be after the games. Meal: The chapter will provide rib eye steaks cooked by Pancho and Joel, baked potatoes, and drinks. We would ask the attendees to bring a side or desert. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP AND LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING and how many. We need to know how many steaks to get. Please respond to Kim Talbott at ktalbott@plateautel.net or by phone at 575-637-1714.
Please remember to return your ballots for the board election by June 21, 2020. We will be counting the ballots at the board meeting on the 22ed and will announce the new board at that time.
2018 Wounded Warrior Hunt
This is Melvin a two time Purple Heart recipient in the Vietnam War that our chapter helped with his Aoudad Hunt. We want to thank Jack Mathews for this great donation.
Welcome To SNM Safari Club
Welcome To SCI SNM Safari Club! President Kim Talbott.
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Buffalo Hunt With Irving
Our Vice President Charlie Thompson found out that there was a need to help a young (14) year old brain cancer boy who wanted to hunt......view story and photos.
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2019 Banquet
Photos of our 2019 Fundraiser and Banquet
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  • 2019 June Picnic
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  • Welcome To SNM Safari Club
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  • 2019 Banquet

SCI-Southern New Mexico Safari Club

September 2019  Presidents Letter


President’s Message

September 2019

 Hunting seasons are upon us already. Seems like only a few weeks ago that I cleaned all my ‘stuff’ and put it away. Now I’ve got several shotguns that need cleaning. I thought the dove shooting on opening day was a little sparse this year. Perhaps that little rain event that went through a couple of days before moved some of them out. Regardless, I enjoyed my time with good friends and good food.

Another reason my shotguns are dirty is the Sporting Clay fundraiser that the Chapter sponsored in August. We had a great time and enjoyed the fellowship of fellow hunters and shooters. More and more hunters are taking up this fairly new sport. Many of them are pretty good shots but all have the passion to learn to shoot better and Sporting Clays is the game that will allow you to practice, practice, practice. I need to thank several Chapter members that worked very hard to make our Sporting Clays fundraiser the success that it was. Ed Garret is the master mind and the shoot would never happen without his tireless work. Joel Castelo and Maddux Hobbs (Black Betty) fed us well. In no particular order, Jaylene Wenner, Commissioner Robert Corn, Hud Rhea, Diana Garret, Phil Kloppenberg, Dustin Davenport, Kim Talbot, Charlie Thompson, Gary Hebert and the ECSRA “crew” (Danny Denson, Jerry Rackley, Bill Rogers) and several others were noted setting targets, helping with registration, working the gun boards and silent auction, supplying the bottled water on the course, and taking care the myriad of tasks associated with an endeavor of this size. I’m sure I left somebody out but know that I appreciated the help and hope you had as much fun as I did.

September 26th5:30 PM is our next Board Meeting to be   followed by our General Membership meeting at the Roswell Country Club. At  the Board meeting we’ll discuss the financials from our Sporting Clay event and hear a proposal from the Lincoln Co 4-H Shotgun Team on building a practice field that they can use in preparation for 4-H shooting events, YHEC, and SCTP events that they are involved in. This month’s program for the General Membership is a report by Robert Corn, Michael Moore, Brandon Arnold, Joel Castelo, Colt Gipson and yours truly on a recent trip they took to South Africa. Expect pictures on MANY trophies and great camaraderie as they share their experiences.

 As I write this I’m reflecting that today is Sep 11th 18 long years have passed since this senseless attack on US soil and the perpetrators remain committed to their cause. And now we’ve got  the homegrown idiots that massacre innocents at Wal-Mart, schools, and movie theatres “just because”. Please take a moment in your busy life to remind our legislators that there are plenty of laws on the books to prevent homegrown murderers and foreign terrorists from committing these acts. Perhaps a more robust application of existing law is called for. And, please pray for the victims, the police, and our leaders as they try to restore normalcy in the face of stupidity.



RA “Pancho” Maples

President, SNM Chapter, SCI


SNM Safari Club
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