Welcome To SNM Safari Club
Welcome To SCI SNM Safari Club! President Kim Talbott.
2020 Feb 14-15 Banquet
Annual Fundraiser banquet scheduled for 14 & 15 Feb at the Roswell Convention Center. View some of the hunts and trips that will be offered as door prizes and auction items.
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August 27 Chapter
The Chaparral Skeet Club has made their meeting room available to us and I believe that it will hold all of our Chapter members that usually attend our monthly meetings. We can have a meal catered and Tyler Burnett has stated that he will work on that effort. Anyone that wants to attend a regular monthly meeting at the Chaparral Skeet Club (N of Roswell on Hwy 70) should RSVP to Tyler jtylerburnett@icloud.com so he can plan the meal. We’ll try to organize a program, the Wenner family has had their Asian sheep hunt program on hold for several months, so something will happen on Aug 27th at the Chaparral Skeet Club. Board meeting at 5:30, general membership meeting at 7 PM.
Wounded Warrior Hunt
This is Melvin a two time Purple Heart recipient in the Vietnam War that our chapter helped with his Aoudad Hunt. We want to thank Jack Mathews for this great donation.
Buffalo Hunt With Irving
Our Vice President Charlie Thompson found out that there was a need to help a young (14) year old brain cancer boy who wanted to hunt......view story and photos.
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  • Welcome To SNM Safari Club
  • 2020 Feb 14-15 Banquet
  • August 27 Chapter
  • Wounded Warrior Hunt
  • Buffalo Hunt With Irving



 Youth and Veteran Questionare PDF Form

President’s Message

October 2020

"The proper role of government is exactly what John Stuart Mill said in the middle of the 19th century in "On Liberty." The proper role of government is to prevent other people from harming an individual. Government, he said, never has any right to interfere with an individual for that individual's own good." ~ Milton Friedman

Planning for our Annual Christmas Party is underway. We’ll gather at Nathan and Jalene Wenner’s home on the evening of Dec 19th for a fun evening of fellowship and yarning. Catering is arranged though Pepper’s Grill and there will be adult refreshment on hand. We’ll have some nice door prizes and I’m told we’ve got a really nice rifle and a set of binoculars to raffle off as well. Please let Jalene (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) know if you will be able to attend so we have plenty of food.

The October General Membership meeting did not take place because the Board was not aware of anyone willing to provide the program for the October meeting. Please, let me or the other Board members know if you’re willing to bring your pictures and tell us about a hunt or fishing trip. The Chapter has a projector that we can hook up to your computer to show the pictures. We can even help if all you have is a camera chip. Let us know. We want to share everyone’s success or misery as the case may be.

Also, I have not received any nominations for youth or Veteran hunters that might be interested in last minute opportunities for tags that are donated back to the NMDG&F. Please take a minute to fill out the form and send it back to me so I can build a file of folks seeking these opportunities.

At our October Board meeting there was much discussion regarding our 2021 Banquet scheduled for 12 & 13 Feb 2021. With the present “lockdown”, there is no feasible way to hold our Banquet. There is much speculation and skepticism as to whether der Furher will relax her mandates after the 1st of the year. It was decided to hold a special Board meeting on 19 Nov (after the election) to determine whether we should continue with our planning, seek an alternate date (May was discussed), or scrub the Banquet all together. Perhaps we can reconstruct our old 52 Gun Raffle for 2021. Personally, I pray that the vaccine is out and this is all history soon. If so, we can drive on with the premier event of the year.

Another issue has come to my attention. Some of our members are having difficulty logging into our web site and subscribing to this newsletter. Our web master is working on the problem and should have it resolved soon. In the meantime, please feel free to forward this to anyone you believe might be interested.

I’m really tired of the whole Cabrona thing. We’re gonna open up someday and this will be a bad memory. I pray you and yours are safe and healthy and will be participating in some exciting hunts between now and Christmas.


RA “Pancho” Maples

President, SNM Chapter SCI

Some dates to remember:

  • Dec 3rd – NMDG&F Game Commission meeting in Roswell, but probably conducted virtually
  • Dec 19th – SNM SCI Christmas Party
  • Feb 12 & 13 2021 – SNM SCI Annual Banquet (maybe)
  • Feb 10, 2021 – Draw deadline for bear and turkey permits
  • Mar 17, 2021 – Draw deadline for most big game species
  • Aug 18, 2021 – Draw deadline for pheasant and sandhill crane




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