President Kim Talbott....What a GREAT experience I was able to participate in this month!!!!! Our Vice President Charlie Thompson found out that there was a need to help a young (14) year old brain cancer boy who wanted to hunt. He was just completing his hunter safety course and was being mentored by Bart Davos, who by the way is the wounded first responder from Roswell PD that went on our Wounded Warrior hunt last year. Charlie started talking to Phil, Ed, Pancho and other folks trying to put something together so this young man could go hunting. Many options were considered and in the end we were able to put together a Buffalo hunt in the Hondo Valley. On September 14, I, Phil Klopenberg, and Charlie Thompson met with Bart and our young hunter Irving. Irving was very reserved and quite but as he got to know us he became a little more talkative. It was about an hour and a half to the ranch. When we arrived we met with the ranch owner and he went over what we were doing and how the process would work. We drove into the area where we were to hunt and about 10 minutes in we saw the buffalo. The excitement of Irving was of story below photos.

We attempted to get a good shot for Irving, but being his first hunt he had problems getting on the sticks and the scope lined up on the bull and he would take off. This went on for 15 or 20 minutes. We would think we were going to have a shot and things just did not work out. About 45 minutes into the hunt we finally were able to get the bull lined up and Irving was able to take a shot!!!!! Drats, He missed. O well that is hunting and the first time he had ever shot at anything other than off a bench at a target. Irving was very disappointed and down that he missed. We all told him that we had all missed and to not get down on himself. After the shot the bull took off and it took us a while to locate him again. When we did he was in a dry creek bottom with a lot of trees around him. Irving, Bart, and Phil took off to put a stalk on the bull. They put on a great stalk and got to within 90 yards of the bull. Charlie and I we trying to keep the bull in sight so we could let them know if he moved but as luck would have it we could not see the bull. We watched the drama un-fold on the hunters as they moved positioned themselves and got Irving lined up on the sticks.

Then BAM, as he shot. Our attention was then directed to the creek bed and we saw the bull walking very slowly out of the creek bed. The bull walked about 10 yards and stopped. We knew at this time he had made a good shot. In less than a minute the bull collapsed and we had a joyous and successful hunt. It was such a blessing for all of us who helped with this hunt and the excitement and smiles of Irving were amazing. The meat from this hunt will feed Irving and his family for at least a year. Thanks Charlie, Ed and Phil for putting this dream come true in motion.

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