We have just completed our third year of having a wounded warrior hunt for Prong horn.  Pancho Maples did a great job in finding two Purple Hart Vets from the Vietnam War.  Both David and Rich are from the Santa Fe Area.  Both of these men are true examples of why our country is the GREATEST Nation on the earth.  Pancho and I were able to take these men on their hunt on October 11, 2017 on a ranch south of Roswell.  Both of the men were able to harvest very nice trophies, and pictures are on the web site as well as being attached to this letter.   With the help of Phil at Out of This World Taxidermy we will be able to present them with a shoulder mount of their trophies at the annual banquet/fund raiser in February.  This again was such a moving experience for me to be a part of showing our true appreciation to these men who have served and protected each of us.


Rich Vietnam Vet. Purple Hart recipient



David Vietnam Purple Hart recipient

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